“Stardust Electro House Sampler Volume One” release in June

After 3 years we decided to release our next sampler, containing the (in our opinion) best electrohouse tracks of the first 6 months in 2021.

UPC/Catalogue-Number: 4061707605512

Release date: June 25, 2021, worldwide, major streaming services, shops and retailers


  1. Topazz “Machine” (TMM Stardust) 05:22
  2. Modis Chrisha “Catch Me” (courtesy of Modis Records) 05:38
  3. Aannaa “Joy Joy Joy” (courtesy of Annnannnina Records) 06:11
  4. The A.F.M “Bass Effect” (courtesy of Lovertrax) 04:00
  5. Crankstar “The Underground (Extended Mix)” (courtesy of Minted Records) 04:46
  6. Pumpers “California (Extended)” (courtesy of Spilling Records) 05:34
  7. WARPLEX feat. Linda “More Than a Smile (Extended Mix)” (courtesy of Lovertrax) 03:30
  8. Chris Flyke & Christophonic “Stereo Galaxy (Early Christophonic Mix)” (courtesy of Phonopolis Records) 06:11
  9. Naksi & Brunner “Csak 1 Nap Van (Dj Shaza Remix)” (courtesy of Dancemania Recordings) 04:18
  10. Crayon 88 “Get Better” (courtesy of Profimusic) 02:38
  11. Alex Koenig “LN101” (courtesy of Sequence Distribution) 04:14
  12. Keven Le Fonque “Smpl Fckr” (courtesy of Ruckerz Music” 05:37
  13. Warplex, Fabio Amoroso & Mila “Wrong (Extended Mix)” (courtesy of Lovertrax) 03:43
Stardust Electro House Sampler Volume One