About us

TMM Stardust is the music label, music publisher and management owned by Thomas Alexander Kolbe. We have an expertise and focus on electronic music, sync music, sheet music rights management and film scores.

TMM Stardust has been founded in 2017 as a successor of TMM (Topazz Music Management, founded 2006) plus four independent music labels.

Meanwhile we manage the rights on more than 45.000 pieces of music.

We distribute all releases via our own worldwide distribution network as well as via strong partners such as Dance All Day GmbH, Universal Music Group, Alliance Entertainment, Songtradr, Kakao M, TME Tencent Music Entertainment, Melon and more partners, depending on the needs of the releases like special geographical regions, special platforms, focus on sync music licensing, physical distribution, additional merch distribution etc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to info@tmmstardust.space.

Label and sub-labels

TMM Stardust (main)

  • Planet Apricot (sub label)
  • Universal Starship (sub label)
  • TMM (sub label, currently not used)
  • Synaestesia (prior label, rights management)
  • Edition EPrima Musica (sheet music catalogue, rights management)